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Our Permit Manager allows you to submit and pay for your applications online, receive correspondence by email and monitor the status of your applications. To get started, please select from the options below.

Application for written planning advice or a copy of an approved permit

  • Written planning advice is often required by registered building surveyors before starting a project so that it is clear whether or not planning approval is required. Written planning advice will consist of a formal response (on letterhead). It is a very specific request that is accompanied by a site plan showing the location of the proposed building and a copy of title.

  • Alternatively a request may be lodged for a copy of an issued planning permit or endorsed plans from a closed file. These requests have a fee of $130 for written planning advice and $175 for copy of planning permit.

  • Request a Written Planning Advice

    General enquiry

  • This is the place to submit informal questions, usually in relation to land for sale, suitable zones for a dwelling, questions regarding vegetation and shed sizes, for example. These questions commonly relate to ideas people have, rather than being at the point of finalising plans and starting a build. There is no fee for these general enquiries, but the response will be short and might provide you with some information from the planning scheme to read and further understand.

  • If you have on-going queries, you are encouraged to book a pre-application meeting with a planner.

  • Make a General Enquiry